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Sentence Combining - Post Test


To see how well you have learned the elements of sentence combining, complete the POST TEST below.  There is no answer key for the POST TEST.  Instead, you should have your responses checked by the Writing Support Program office.

If the results of your POST TEST indicate that you need more work in some area of this chapter, the Writing Support Program office will direct you to additional material.  If you do well on the POST TEST, the Writing Support Program office will tell you that you have satisfactorily completed the unit.

POST TEST DIRECTIONSCombine each group of sentences below  into one clear, economical, correct sentence.

In your final sentence, remember to

  • Eliminate unnecessary words, but include all information.
  • Reduce clauses to phrases and phrases to words where possible.
  • Avoid over coordination (overuse of "and," "but," etc.) and over subordination.

You must print out a copy of this  Post Test to complete it. Make your corrections right on the paper; then bring your completed Post Test to the Writing Support Program office for evaluation and review so that you can take the final test in the office.

Link to Printable Post Test

1. Begin with  "The woman standing. . ."

The woman asked four questions.  She asked them in quick succession.  She was standing near the water cooler in the front office.


2. Begin with "After the senator. . ."  (Use only one "and" in your final sentence.)

The senator took four trips to Hawaii in one year.  His constituents became suspicious.  They conducted an investigation.  They found the senator guilty of misappropriating funds for his own use.


3. Begin with "Although Mr. Smith. . ."

Mr. Smith could not calculate the area of a circle.  He could not add a column of figures.  He could not use a calculator correctly.  Ms. Binks  was sure that he would pass  the math course.


4.  Begin with "While the senator. . ."

The senator spoke for hours.  He spoke in a monotonous voice.  The rest of the senators fell asleep.  They were sitting in their chairs.


5.  Begin with "Driving her . . ."

Rayette was driving her new car.  It was a Mercedes Benz.  She was enjoying the countryside.


6.  Begin with "Clearing his . . ."

Frank put his notebook into his briefcase.  He cleared his throat.


7.  Begin with "The money deducted. . ."

The money earns two percent interest.  The money is deducted from your paycheck.  Your paycheck is monthly.


8.  Begin with "Because. . ."

Bill decided not to wear his wool scarf.  It was heavy.  The weather was warm.


9.  Begin with "Mr Jones, our. . ."

Mr. Jones was cleaning the coffee table.  Mr. Jones is our house cleaner.  He has worked for us since 2004.


10.  Begin with "Mr. Maxwell's . . ."

Mr. Maxwell owns two pit bulls.  These dogs bark late at night.  They bark loudly.  They dig up my garden.  They knock over my trash cans.  They chase my small poodle.


11.  Begin with "After . . ."

Carol ran away from home.  Her home was in Topeka, Kansas.  She hitched a ride to Atlantic City.  She got a job in one of the casinos.  She worked as a cashier.


12.  Begin with "People who . . ."

People want good health.  They want a long life.  They should eat healthy foods.  They should exercise.  They should exercise a half hour a day.  They should get plenty of sleep.  The sleep should be peaceful.


13.  Begin with "When . . ."

Timothy came into the club.  There were people at the bar.  They started singing.  They started dancing.  They were dancing on the bar.


14.  Begin with "Because . . ."

Gasoline prices have increased.  They have increased dramatically.  Many workers have formed carpool groups.  These groups drive to work in one car.  These groups share expenses.


15.  Begin with "Glancing . . ."

Marianne  glanced at her brother.  It was a sideways glance.  He was in the hallway.  He was removing his coat  It was woolen.  Marianne stuffed a letter into her pocket.  The letter was from Janice.


16.  Begin with "The three-count . . ."

There was a three-count indictment.  It was handed down by a grand jury.  The grand jury was in Crawford County.  The indictment charges Bitterman with theft.  The indictment charges him with embezzlement.  The indictment charges him with perjury.  He supposedly committed these crimes while he served as treasurer.  He was the treasurer for a campaign committee.  The campaign committee was for Mayor Jane Bigsby.


17.  Begin with "Bitterman, a . . ." (Do not use "and" in your final sentence.)

Bitterman was a federal employee for five years.  He earned over $100,000 a year.  He could not be reached for comment.


18.  Begin with "When Bob Denver played . . ."

Bob Denver played Gilligan on the TV show Gilligan's Island.  He was already known to TV audiences by then.  He was known as Maynard G. Krebs.  Krebs was the friend of Dobie Gillis.    They both were on The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis


19.  Begin with "After selling . . ."

Sunnydale farms has been selling grains for twenty years.  Today Sunnydale has a retail store.  It has a Web site.  Sunnydale offers customers whole grains.  The whole grains are specialty grains.  They include flax seed.  The flax seed is hand picked.  They include flour.  The flour is stone mill ground.  They include buckwheat.


20.  Begin with "Human beings . . ."

Human beings have polluted the earth.  This polluting has been careless.  We have filled the air with fumes.  The fumes come from our vehicles.  We have put chemicals into our soil.  The chemical are dangerous.   We have discharged waste products  into our water.  The waste products are from factories.  The waste products are from farms.

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