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Thank you to everyone who responded to last week's email. Here's how a few Osher members are spending their time.

Dolores Kirwin

Dolores Kirwin

Dolores has been busy creating artwork. Her mixed media creations are done using a glue gun to form trees, birds, etc. Then she paints them with acrylics. They are done on canvas, wood, and driftwood. She's having a lot of fun doing this different art. Having art as an outlet is helping her "keep busy and sane."

Lynda Anozie

Lynda has been learning to sprout and grow microgreens; getting creative with healthy cooking, using what she has on hand (i.e. corn tortillas from scratch); and exercising each day to free online Silver Sneakers classes. She’s been reading ebooks and listening to audiobooks, thanks to the Enoch Pratt Free Library. Lynda is also rereading Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” while enjoying a free podcast from Oprah and Tolle that accompanies her readings. She recommends the new Netflix series “Self Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam C.J. Walker” starring Octavia Spencer. Lynda is staying connected with her prayer group via Zoom. She’s also thinking of others at this time and has donated online to the Maryland Food Bank. Capping off her list of activities—Lynda says that she’s been “practicing distance loving—wow, do I miss hugs!”

Dotty Carpenter

Dotty reports “In our community we have a “six feet apart” group. We meet on the parking lot with our chairs (making sure we're 6 feet apart) and enjoy conversation. Then we walk the community (in a straight line one behind the other) and get our exercise. Of course, we laugh a lot for doing this!” 

Rochelle Cohen

Rochelle says, “I’m mostly staying in, except to walk the dog 4x a day. I think that is my salvation. Hopefully that won’t be taken away.” 

Dixon Gibbs

Dixon is enjoying an excellent novel by Ronald Balson entitled "The Girl from Berlin."

Keith and Patte Zumbrun

Keith and Patte are enjoying walks and being together without so many distractions.

John Cuddy

John started out with bike rides on the NCR trail. Because it was too crowded, he chose some other ways to stay fit: gardening when it's nice out and doing internet workouts via YouTube. With a lot of time to read, he's certainly been reading a lot including "The Battle of Yorktown: A Reassessment" by J.D. Grainger, "The French Revolution" by Ian Davidson, and "Steam Titans: Cunard, Collins, and the Epic Battle for Commerce on the North Atlantic" by William Fowler, Jr. One of John's favorite reads in March has been "Brotherhood of Kings" by Amanda Podany. About the book, he says that he "can't say enough about what a wonderful book this is. The book depicts ancient Near East brought to life over centuries as it gives you a feel for who the people were, by a scholar who once was the bassist for the 80s band, The Bangles!" When he's not reading, he's watching movies: "Poms" was hilarious and "Second Act" was touching. Finally, he has been attending virtual church services on Sundays and watching the Pope give his special prayers for the pandemic.

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