Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an endowment and what does it support?

    Endowments are long-term assets of the Foundation, created either by donor gifts or by actions of the Board of Directors. Their purpose is to generate annual support for academic programs, faculty development, scholarships or the general use of Towson University. The principal of the gift is invested, and a portion of the return is used each year to support the college or program designated by the donor.

    Endowments may be established for a wide variety of purposes, including undergraduate scholarships, fellowships, faculty chairs, program support, and research. Gifts of endowment may be named for the donor or someone the donor wishes to honor or memorialize.

  2. Who manages the Foundation's endowment investments?

    The endowment portfolio is invested under the direction of the Investment Committee of the Towson University Foundation Board of Directors. Its goal is to achieve maximum long-term return with prudent concern for the preservation of capital.

  3. How is the Foundation's endowment invested, and what investment principles are followed?

    The goal of the investment program for the endowment is to provide a total return from investments that will preserve the purchasing power of endowed capital, and maximize return within reasonable and prudent levels of risk while controlling administrative and management costs.

    The Foundation has a stated policy for asset allocation, reviewed quarterly, that sets parameters for what can be invested in various asset classes.

  4. How is the endowment's investment performance measured?

    Performance is measured against appropriate indices (e.g. S&P 500) to ensure that investments are performing as expected.

  5. What is the Foundation's fiduciary responsibility to the donor of an endowment?

    The Foundation has a fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the income from an endowment gift is properly invested today and in the future. In accepting an endowment gift, the Foundation is legally bound to comply with any donor restrictions covering the use of income.

  6. Who can I contact for more information about making a gift to the Towson University Foundation?

    Contact the Towson University Development Office, 410-704-3375 or, to be directed to someone who can assist you. The Development Office works hand-in-hand with the Towson University Foundation to make sure that your giving experience is a good on and that your gift is directed as you wish.

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