Subject - Verb Agreement - Post Test

DIRECTIONS:   Circle all subjects and underline all verbs.  Check carefully to see whether the subject agrees with its verb.  If the subject does agree with its verb, write C above the verb.  If they do not agree, however, write the correct form of the verb above the faulty one.

The Titanic

1.  About 1,500 passengers on the maiden voyage of the Titanic was sent to a watery grave when the luxurious ocean liner sank in 1912. 

2.  The ghostly remains of the ship lies in a lonely berth more than two miles deep in the North Atlantic. 

3.  For nearly three-quarters of a century, while everyone were celebrating the Titanic in legend, the wreckage of many pieces were sitting on the ocean floor. 

4.  On September 1, 1985, a search party of American and French diving teams were thrilled to discover her. 

 Their photographs and video has given the public memorable close-up looks at one of the
great maritime disasters of the 20
th century.

6.  In 1987, a new French diving team were sent to explore the sunken vessel. 

7.  Jewelry found in the rooms of the passengers were salvaged and shown to the world. 

8.  Although many people has objected to this mission, neither storms nor negative public sentiment has kept the French company from continuing its mission.

In 1997, James Cameron made the film Titanic with a new deep-sea camera that could withstand the enormous atmospheric pressure in the deep water where the pieces of the Titanic is still sitting. 

While viewers of the film sees only twelve minutes of actual footage in the movie, Cameron and his crew was shooting many hours of film on twelve dives to the wreck.  

 There is people who believe that the ship should be left alone as a memorial to the many people who was lost at sea when it sank. 

12.  What are your opinion?