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Pronoun - Antecedent Agreement - Post Test


To see how well you have learned the rules for pronoun - antecedent agreement, do the POST TEST below. There is no checklist of answers for the POST TEST.  Instead, you should have your responses checked by the Writing Support Program office.

POST TEST DIRECTIONS:  The following paragraphs contain some pronoun - antecedent agreement errors.  Each sentence below contains an antecedent in need of a referent pronoun.  For each sentence, write the correct referent pronoun in the blank and then draw an arrow from the referent pronoun to its antecedent.

You must print out a copy of this original page to complete the Post Test. Make your corrections right on the text; then bring your completed Post Test to the Writing Support Program office for evaluation and review so that you can take the final test in the office.

Link to Printable Post Test

1.      Jim Little or his boys have lost ____________ way.

2.      Everybody wants to go home so _____________ can see friends and relatives.

3.      As of today, the team has played seven games, and _____________ has won them all.

4.      Each of the girls knew that ______________ had a chance to win the prize.

5.      All of the contestants feel that _____________ should win the biggest award.

6.      None knows so well the perils and ecstasies of surfing as the surfer who daily pits _____________ board against the waves.

7.      In the juryroom after the trial, the jury members discussed ______________ different feelings about the case; they could not reach an agreement.

8.      We saw the dog and cat as _____________ bounded through the neighbor’s garden.

9.      One needs only to take _____________ car to the garage to receive a free carwash.

10. The boys or their father saw the flight and expressed _____________ pride in the achievement.


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