Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers - Post Test

Part I - Misplaced Modifiers  - Directions: The sentences below contain misplaced modifiers.  Circle the misplaced modifier and draw an arrow to where it belongs in the sentence to convey the intended meaning.

1.  A wind blew across the field that was cold and blustery.

2.  Joan had made up her mind to be an architect before she was thirteen years old.

3.  Fortunately, Mark almost sold all his bronze sculptures.

4.  He struck the fish bowl with his forehead, which fortunately was empty.

5.  I told Mick when my new computer arrived I would let him surf the internet.

6.  We only have three more miles to go before reaching the hotel.

7.  Elvis saw a bird sitting on the telephone wire that he could not identify.

8.  Throw that spoiled package of meat into the trash can.

9.  She found a woolen child's scarf in the yard.

10 Hung across two poles, I saw a clothesline.


Part II - Dangling  Modifiers - Directions:  Using either of the two methods explained in the module, rewrite each of the following sentences to correct the dangling modifiers. 

  1.  At the age of ten, my parents took me to Disney World.

  2.  After finishing the ice arena, it will be opened to the public.

  3.  While talking, the fire alarm sounded.

  4. Getting up early, the house seemed unusually quiet to me..

  5.  Not being aware of what had happened, the confusion puzzled Jill.

  6.  Glancing to my left, a fast-flowing stream wound its way through the meadow.

  7. Not knowing his way around the campus, it was hard for Jones to find his classrooms..

  8.  As a budding high school athlete, one of my goals was to be a football hero.

  9.  My dog slept at my feet while grading papers last night.

  10.  By writing a letter to the editor, the public will know your views.