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Pronoun Case - Post Test

Part I - Directions:  Circle the correct pronoun in each sentence below.

1.  You asked both the other team and ( we    us    ourselves ) the wrong question.

2.  ( Who    Whom ) is the best person for the job?

3.  Do not rub any oil on ( he    him    himself ) and ( I    me    myself ).

4.  Just between you and ( I    me    myself ), Greg will lose a lot of cash in that investment.

5.  Choose ( who    whom ) you want for the position.

6.  The best woman for the job is ( she    her    herself ).

7.  You gave ( we    us    ourselves ) students a real surprise with that test.

8.  Sarah makes more money than ( he    him    himself ).

9.  ( She  Her    Herself ) and ( I    me    myself ) will try to install the new memory chip.

10.  I care for Charles, but I like you as much as ( he    him ).


Part II - Directions: Substitute the appropriate pronoun for the underlined noun in each sentence.  Write each answer on the line following each sentence.

1.  With Max and Jane on the team, we'll win easily.  __________

2.  The police gave Jen and her friends a speeding ticket.  __________

3.  The prize money was evenly split between Tom and me.  __________

4.  Harold's dancing is very graceful.  __________

5.  A man with the same job makes more money than Rose.  __________


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