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Active-Passive Voice - Post Test


To see how well you have learned active-passive voice do the POST TEST below. There is no answer key for the POST TEST.  Instead, you should have your responses checked by the Writing Support Program office.

POST TEST DIRECTIONS:  Change each passive voice sentence into the active voice.  If the passive voice sentence contains no doer of the action, make one up for your answer sentence.

You must print out a copy of this page to complete the Post Test. Make your corrections right on the paper. Then bring your completed Post Test to the Writing Support Program office for evaluation and review.



 Link to Printable Post Test

1.  More than 7,000 cigarettes a year are consumed by a pack-a-day smoker.


2.  The smell of fresh-cut grass had never before been known by most of these children.


3.  All necessary repairs will be performed by a licensed company.


4.  The impropriety of unauthorized copying is often overlooked by users in an educational setting.


5.  An Assignment Review Board should be appointed by the Senate Committee on Judiciary Affairs.


6.  The Board will be given authority by the company to approve job descriptions and training programs.


7.  Similar information must have been given to Jason. (create subject)


8.  The children should be put to bed before 10:00 p.m. (create subject)


9.  The public was told very little about the incident at the prison.  (create subject)


10. Detailed experiments to assess the resiliency of the new product were conducted in 2002 by engineers from the company.

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