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Tense Consistency - Exercise 3

Directions: In the box below each sentence, write the correct tense of the verb in parentheses to create tense consistency. When you have finished, click on the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.
Note: In some cases you may need to add an auxiliary verb.

1.  After Shelley pulled a muscle, her leg (ache) for a week.

2.  If you eat all of your vegetables, you (grow) strong.

3.  The heron flies high and then (dip) into the lake.

4.  Maybelle picked out the red dress; however, she should (choose) the green one for that occasion.

5.  He (defeat) all who have challenged his title.

6.  When Juan got to the hospital, his friend already (leave).

7.  I (do) the assignment after you call me this morning.

8.  By the time the sun rises tomorrow, we (create) seven new websites.

9.  Lightening (strike) that building twice since we have lived here.

10.  You may jump into the pool if you (learn) how to swim.



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