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Tense Consistency - Exercise 2

Directions: In the box below each sentence, write the correct tense of the verb in parentheses to create tense consistency. When you have finished, click on the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.
Note: In some cases you may need to add an auxiliary verb.

1.  The weather service predicts that it (get) cold in a week.

2.  The outer rings of the disc cracked after the center (dry) out from age.

3.  We will discuss other conditions that usually (cause) joint pain at the next meeting.

4.  The child found out painfully that fire (burn).

5.  The students (work) on their projects as we are speaking.

6.  In Dickens' novel, David's stepfather sends him to London, where every day David (work) in a warehouse.

7.  This morning the boxer met the opponent who (beat) him three months earlier.

8.  By next Thursday, he (talk) to the assembly twice.

9.  Her brother (keep) a diary for over ten years now..

10.  Later, after the lecture is over, we (meet) at the train station.



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