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Distinguishing between Transitive and Intransitive Verbs - Exercise 5

Directions:  In the spaces provided, identify the predicate verb in each sentence below.  Then, label the verb as transitive or intransitive.  If the verb is transitive, write the direct object in the space provided.  If it is intransitive, leave the space blank.

Example:   After the meeting, Tom will announce his plans for the next week.
Answer:  will announce, transitive, plans

1.  No one has told us about the big news of the day.

2.  The child cried for many hours over the lost doll.

3.  Last night, Ivan dreamed about colorful clowns on unicycles.

4.  By noon on Saturday, Helen will have ridden her bicycle over fifty miles.

5.  What in the world did Geoff see in the distance?

6.  Three monks from Tibet were solemnly pouring sand onto the mandala.

7.  Peter glared at his friend Max for at least ten seconds.

8.  The naughty child was finally cleaning up the toys ion the floor of his bedroom.

9.  Are you bringing a gift to the birthday party for Jane?

10. The fingers of her left hand were lying across the page of the book.



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