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Distinguishing between Transitive and Intransitive Verbs - Exercise 3

Directions:  In the spaces provided, identify the predicate verb in each sentence below.  Then, label the verb as transitive or intransitive.  If the verb is transitive, write the direct object in the space provided.  If it is intransitive, leave the space blank.

Example:   After the meeting, Tom will announce his plans for the next week.
Answer:  will announce, transitive, plans

1.  In spite of much indecision, Sarah finally put on her new dress.

2.  Why were you saying those things to him?

3.  Until recently, the plant stood in the east corner of the atrium.

4.  The flamingos on the far side of the lake dipped their heads into the water.

5.  After the debacle with the burned popcorn, the microwave no longer works.

6.  Have you walked across the school's campus lately?

7.  Tabitha brought her dog to the veterinarian for its annual shots.

8.  After three hours of argument, they made up with a kiss.

9.  The young man in the booth would not accept my ticket to the concert.

10. The box of paper clips spilled onto the floor from the table in the front of the room.



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