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Distinguishing between Transitive and Intransitive Verbs - Exercise 2

Directions:  In the spaces provided, identify the predicate verb in each sentence below.  Then, label the verb as transitive or intransitive.  If the verb is transitive, write the direct object in the space provided.  If it is intransitive, leave the space blank.

Example:   After the meeting, Tom will announce his plans for the next week.
Answer:  will announce, transitive, plans

1.  What have you done to your hair?

2.  The students were walking through the new buildings on campus.

3.  Helen brought up the subject again this evening.

4.  Until ten o'clock on Saturday, each shopper may purchase only one of the popular dolls.

5.  Are you coming to the costume party this weekend?

6.  The butter has been sitting on the counter for over three hours.

7.  Hubert wrestled with his conscience over the incident.

8.  Two men with masks over their faces held up the bank on 42nd Street today.

9.  The teenager had wrecked his new car within days of its purchase.

10. Subscribers will be writing about that controversial article for months.



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