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Prepositions - Exercise 20

Directions: In the space below each sentence, write the correct preposition that belongs in the blank in each sentence. Choose the correct preposition from the following

at     by     for     from     in     of     on     to     with

When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

1. I do not go outside much because I am sensitive _____ bright light.


2. Martin was ashamed _____ his actions.


3. Your participation _____ the program is appreciated.


4. The small boy was attacked _____ a swarm of bees.


5. Jones is disappointed _____ his daughter.


6. Brand X is clearly superior _____ Brand Y.


7. Marissa has been divorced _____ Jose for over a year.


8. The foreman is responsible _____ all of the workers in this part of the construction site.


9. Jane was excited _____ meeting her favorite soccer player.


10. The teacher was pleased _____ my report.



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