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Prepositions - Exercise 16

Directions: In the space below each sentence, write the correct preposition that belongs in the blank in each sentence. Choose the correct preposition from the following

at     by     for     from     in     of     on     to     with

When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

1. Each camper was provided _____ a sleeping bag.


2. The committee had no doubts _____ the candidate's ability to do the job.


3. Most people have a great deal of admiration _____ the mayor.


4. Four prisoners escaped _____ the nearby jail.


5. That remark was made in reference _____ your tardiness.


6. We guessed correctly, using a process _____ elimination.


7. Grace takes great pleasure _____ her hobbies.


8. Our part of the city is not affected _____ the new tax.


9. Smith argued _____ Jones about who was smarter.


10. Harry finally recovered _____ the flu.



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