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Prepositions - Exercise 9

Directions: In the space below each sentence, write the correct preposition that belongs in the blank in each sentence. Choose the correct preposition from the following

at     by     for     from     in     of     on     to     with

When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

1. He referred _____ the new plan in his memo to the group.


2. In this part of the country, there is not much demand _____ that sort of thing.


3. Harold was not familiar _____ that book.


4. Please pay attention _____ what I am saying.


5. Your experiment will result _____ an explosion.


6. Now the supervisor is satisfied _____ your work.


7. Max lives _____ Second Avenue.


8. She stayed home on account _____ her fever.


9. You are the best employee we have hired _____ far.


10. The hunter was not afraid _____ the wolf.



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