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Misplaced Modifiers - Exercise 3

Directions: Rewrite each sentence, moving the misplaced modifier to its correct position. When you are finished, hit the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

1.  The farmer almost lost all of his cattle because of the hole in the fence.

2.  The player checked the soccer ball before he made the kick that was overinflated.

3.  He served his scrumptious mousse to the guests on china plates.

4.  My brother drove the car to the shop with a broken windshield.

5.  Bob posted an advertisement on the Internet for puppies.

6.  The woman on a leash walked her dog.

7.  His suit was at the tailor shop which was made of wool.

8.  The boy with a long tail wanted Santa to bring him a pony.

9.  She only had to win one more game to be the champion.

10.  Tired from a long day at work, the child tried not to bother her father.



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