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Lose / Loose - Exercise 3

Direction: Choose the correct word in each sentence below. When you have finished, click on the "Check My Work" button to view the answers.

1. If you (   ) your wallet, you should cancel your credit cards immediately.

2. Because of a (   ) wire, my car wouldn't start.

3. After losing forty pounds, Joe's clothes were (   ).

4. Every time I go to my uncle's house, I (   ) my way.

5. Every fall the trees (   ) their leaves.

6. The visiting team will (   ) this game by only a few points.

7. The electrician found a (   ) switch that was causing the lighting problem.

8. When people (   ) their appetite, they may stop eating

9. If something is not tight, it is (   ).

10. He will (   ) his temper if he doesn't get what he wants.


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