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Fewer / Less - Exercise 2

Direction: Choose the correct word in each sentence below. When you have finished, click on the "Check My Work" button to view the answers.

1. (   ) people signed up for the march than we expected.

2. This year I will buy (   ) plants for my garden.

3. The shirt feels much (   ) bulky now that the tailor taken it in.

4. During this past storm, (   ) snow fell.

5. During this past storm, (   ) accidents occurred.

6. When the clerk counted the money, she found (   ) coins than before.

7. This part of the symphony requires much (   ) instrumentation than the earlier part.

8. After the loggers went through the land, there were considerably (   ) trees in the south field.

9. Please give me (   ) sugar than you gave him.

10. Please give me (   ) sugar cubes than you gave him.


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