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Idioms - Exercise 11

Directions: In each of the following sentences, a common expression - an idiom - can replace the word or phrase in parentheses. In the blank below each sentence, write the idiom defined by the word or phrase in the parentheses. When you are finished, click the "Chech My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. Choose from the following expressions.

be hard on (oneself)     can't stand     come true     count on

feel sorry for     get rid of     get up     hear of

out of town     run out of     take after     without question

1. Your wishes can (actually occur) if you work to make them real.

2. Some people (can't tolerate) loud music.

3. My cousin had not (been familiar with) the movie I suggested.

4. This pie is, (unquestionably), the best I have tasted.

5. Did you (discard) the stale bread?

6. Don't (treat yourself harshly) because you made a small mistake.

7. While I was (in another city), my neighbor collected my mail.

8. Laura will be healthy soon and doesn't want us to (pity) her.

9. Many people brew coffee when they first (get out of bed).

10. The mayor is (depending on) your vote.


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