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Idioms - Exercise 16

Directions: In each of the following sentences, a common expression - an idiom - can replace the word or phrase in parentheses. In the blank below each sentence, write the idiom defined by the word or phrase in the parentheses. When you are finished, click the "Chech My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. Choose from the following expressions.

at hand     drop off     fill out     give in

hang up     in charge of     look up to     mean a lot

put together     stay up     try out     wake up

1. The baby (awoke) when the train's whistle blew.

2. A friendly smile can (be important).

3. Let us discuss the matter (of priority).

4. As soon as I (put the phone in its place), I will drive to meet you.

5. Joseph (admires) his grandfather.

6. Barbara decided to (test) a new recipe.

7. At the magazine, Rob is (responsible for) proofreading.

8. The president (assembled) a group of experts to address the problem.

9. The child finally (reluctantly agreed) to eating her spinach.

10. We let the kids (not go to bed) so they could see the fireworks.


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