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Idioms - Exercise 10

Directions: In each of the following sentences, a common expression - an idiom - can replace the word or phrase in parentheses. In the blank below each sentence, write the idiom defined by the word or phrase in the parentheses. When you are finished, click the "Chech My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. Choose from the following expressions.

catch on     cut back     let go of     look forward to

make a living     make up one’s mind     pass out     put off

take place     throw up     turn off     worn out

1. Every year, I (anticipate with pleasure) our summer barbeque.

2. Robert (inactivated) the television after the news program ended.

3. Before this dress became (shabby from long use), it was bright red.

4. Holly gave me hints, but I didn't (understand).

5. Don't (release) the string, or the kite will be lost.

6. He (postponed) filing his taxes until a week before they were due.

7. Sam (regurgitated) her lunch after drinking spoiled milk.

8. I can't (decide) which video to rent.

9. Sally (reduced the amount of) sugar in her diet.

10. The concert will (occur) in the park.


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