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Idioms - Exercise 8

Directions: In each of the following sentences, a common expression - an idiom - can replace the word or phrase in parentheses. In the blank below each sentence, write the idiom defined by the word or phrase in the parentheses. When you are finished, click the "Chech My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers. Choose from the following expressions.

cheer up     find out     get along with     hand in

hear from     keep one company     leave out     look up to

make fun of     mean a lot     take place     turn down

1. Sarah wants to (obtain information) about her family's history.

2. Did you (have communication with) your brother about our trip?

3. I will (be your companion) while you wait for the bus.

4. In your interview, don't (omit) any important work experience.

5. This award (is important) to me.

6. The concert will (occur) in the park.

7. A funny movie might (raise the spirits of) your friend.

8. At the beginning of each class, students (give over) their homework.

9. My friends (joke about) my old, unreliable car.

10. My cat is easy to please and to (be friendly with).


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