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Dangling Modifiers - Exercise 1

Directions: Rewrite the following sentences to repair any dangling modifiers. Type your new sentences in the text boxes given. When you are finished, click on the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to view the correct answers.

1.  Writing carefully, the essay was finished in time to hand in.

2.  My flesh felt creepy after seeing a monster movie.

3.  At the age of four, my grandmother taught me to knit.

4.  To do well in college, good grades are essential.

5.  Crowded in the car, the trip was uncomfortable.

6.  While still a student, a job offer was received.

7.  After doing calculus problems for hours, John's foot went to sleep.

8.  Driving over the hill, the ocean came into view.

9.  Confused by complicated wording, the contract made no sense.

10.  After clearing his throat, his voice sounded much better to me.



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