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Conditional Tenses - Exercise 2

Directions: In the blank below each sentence, write the correct form of the verb in parenthesis. You may add auxiliary verbs. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

1. My house (be) warmer if the furnace worked.

2. If I had the necessary ingredients, I (make) spaghetti.

3. Mary (find) the missing key if you give her enough time.

4. If he frames the picture correctly tomorrow, it (look) good.

5. If Joe had taken the right train, he (arrived) in Paris by now.

6. Tom would see the sights better if he (sit) in the front seat.

7. If you (add) water to the powder, you will create a delicious drink.

8. Gene (pass) the test if he had studied for it.

9. If Mr. Smith had come on time, we (meet) him at the station.

10. Bob (reach) the city by tomorrow if he drives all day today.


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