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Comma Use with Introductory Elements - Exercise 1

Revise the following sentences by adding commas where they are needed. If a sentence is correct, type "correct" in the textbox. When you are finished, click on the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page.

1.  When the truck hit the walls and the fences it caused a great deal of damage.

2.  Standing near the kitchen door I watched the chef cook a Porterhouse steak.

3.  The home team won because the other team forfeited the game.

4.  To get the full value of this vacation package people need to buy their tickets early.

5.  In a town known as Bedlington visitors are greeted with leis at the airport.

6.  Yes Harold was willing to volunteer for the job.

7.  When sawing a plank for a carpentry project you should measure carefully before you cut.

8.  Upon arriving at the dentist Harry immediately took out his insurance card.

9.  The engine will need a complete overhaul to make that trip.

10.  Crammed tightly into the ship's food locker the two tons of cod nearly sank the ship.



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