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Fragments - Exercise 5

Some of the following word groups are fragments while others are simple sentences. Revise any fragment to make a complete sentence. If the word group is a simple sentence, write "correct" in the text box. When you have finished, click the "Check My Work" button to view the correct answers.

NOTE: No capital letters or end punctuation marks have been used. Use subject-predicate units and complete thoughts to determine your answers.

1.  it doesn't matter anymore

2.  the children watching the movie

3.  as the weather gets warmer each spring

4.  the dogs staying at the kennel

5.  do not drink that water

6.  after Marilyn called the police

7.  in the cabinet by the sink

8.  did he return the papers on time

9.  since George doesn't feel well

10.  while you were sleeping



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