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Apostrophe Use - Exercise 3

Change each underlined noun to the correct possessive form. Type your answer in the text box. When you have completed the exercise, click on the "Check My Work" button to see the correct answers.

1. It is the diploma belonging to Howard that they want to see.

It is diploma that they want to see.

2. The directions that the men gave were unclear.

The directions were unclear.

3. Depending upon the price of the house, we might stay in this neighborhood.

Depending upon the price, we might stay in this neighborhood.

4. The hours of the job are not unreasonable.

The hours are not unreasonable.

5. All the decorations for the graduates are stored in the closet.

All of the decorations are stored in the closet.

6. The fish tanks belonging to my boyfriend contain over twenty varieties of fish.

My fish tanks contain twenty varieties of fish.

7. The dinner prepared by the chefs was delicious.

The dinner was delicious.

8. The stripes on a zebra make it unique.

A stripes make it unique.

9. The dog hid the bone belonging to it.

The dog hid bone.

10. I have completed the outlines for my projects.

I have completed my outlines.



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