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Distinguishing between Adverbials, Adjectivals, and Nominals - Exercise 2
Directions:  Each sentence contains an underlined item. In the box below each sentence, identify the item as an adjectival, adverbial or nominal. Then identify it as clause or phrase. If it is a phrase, identify it as a prepositional or verbal phrase. If it is a verbal phrase, identify it as a present participle, past participle, gerund or infinitive. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Example:   The crowd clapped for the actor portraying King Lear.
Answer:  adjectival,  verbal phrase,  present participle

1.  The tourists narrowly avoided a man selling counterfeit Rolex watches.

2.  The tourists narrowly avoided buying counterfeit Rolex watches.

3.  Hal carefully placed the letter in the desk drawer.

4.  The private investigator soon discovered why the man was leaving so early.

5.  To understand the latest technological gizmos, one must keep up with the latest advances.

6.  Sentences that use unwieldy structures are usually difficult to read.

7.  One way to keep cool is to sit in front of a fan.

8.  At the medical museum, Joe saw a specimen with two heads.

9.  When he called the new telephone number, no one answered.

10.  My offer to water your plants is still in effect.

11.  The Smiths thoroughly enjoyed the play "Cats", which they saw last night.

12.  "Fletcherize" means to chew each bite at least fifty times.

13.  Gray's Anatomy is a standard text used by most medical students.

14.  Please be careful about whatever you tell the soldiers.

15.  Diners holding reservations will be seated first.

16.  Because it has good insulation, our house stays warm in winter.

17.   Raking leaves every autumn was John's least favorite household chore.

18.   During the recent hurricane, our house was flooded.

19.  The deficit, considered the state's worst problem, made the politicians nervous at election time.

20.   Betty liked the watchband with semi-precious stones.



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