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Distinguishing between Adverbials, Adjectivals, and Nominals
Directions:  Each sentence contains an underlined item. In the box below each sentence, identify the item as an adjectival, adverbial or nominal. Then identify it as clause or phrase. If it is a phrase, identify it as a prepositional or verbal phrase. If it is a verbal phrase, identify it as a present participle, past participle, gerund or infinitive. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Example:   The crowd clapped for the actor portraying King Lear.
Answer:  adjectival,  verbal phrase,  present participle

1.  She telephoned her uncle when she got home.

2.  The path to the woods is difficult to find.

3.  The company never received the letter that you mailed.

4.  After completing her novel, Marsha sent it to the publisher.

5.  Steamed crabs are a Baltimore favorite.

6.  To get the best picture, Jim used his Leica camera.

7.  He realized that he would never see her again.

8.  She smiled at her brother, who was washing the dishes.

9.  Jonas finally figured out the best way to connect the wires.

10.  The hikers followed the path leading to the campground.

11.   What we wanted was your approval.

12.  Art's favorite pastime is watching old sitcom reruns.

13.   Penelope bet on the horse ignoring all entreaties for help.

14.  The veterinarian attempted to heal the sick dog.

15.  The diners enjoyed a gourmet picnic by the lake.

16.  The plumber worked on the drain pipes connecting the sink and the main line.

17.  As Martin drove his new car, he worried about having an accident.

18.   Buying a new car can be an unsettling experience.

19.  Her plan is to buy a new Mercedes.

20.  Marian was upset by what she witnessed.



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