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Distinguishing between Adverbials and Adjectivals Exercise 4
Directions:  Each sentence contains an underlined item. In the box below each sentence, identify the item as an adjectival or adverbial. Then identify it as clause or phrase. If it is a phrase, identify it as a prepositional or verbal phrase. If it is a verbal phrase, identify it as a present participle, past participle, or infinitive. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Example:   The crowd clapped for the actor portraying King Lear.
Answer:  adjectival,  verbal phrase,  present participle

1.  Leaving the others behind, Max raced to the finish line.

2.  Do not turn this faucet on while you are here.

3.  Harry hurried from his office to get home early each day.

4.  The woman felt frightened but opened the door anyway.

5.  The dog barked because someone was knocking.

6.  The tree limbs weakened by the storm broke and fell to the ground.

7.  He drank the soda in one big gulp.

8.  The gum sticking to my shoe will not come off.

9.  Before dawn, the team was already assembled.

10.  She ate an orange that tasted very sweet.

11.  To get the best audio, turn the volume up as high as possible.

12.  After a good discussion, the three friends took a long walk.

13.  Jerry's attempts to succeed have not yielded good results.

14.  When the television is blaring, I cannot concentrate.

15.  Marcus sent the carrier pigeon to the farthest outpost.

16.  Sam, whom I had met earlier, was even more polite to me this time.

17.  Marty fiddled with the button on his coat.

18.   She soon found the best way to reach the mall.

19.  That house is in foreclosure.

20.  Surely Jane is an educated person.



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