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Distinguishing between Adverbials and Adjectivals - Exercise 2
Directions:  Each sentence contains an underlined item. In the box below each sentence, identify the item as an adjectival or adverbial. Then identify it as clause or phrase. If it is a phrase, identify it as a prepositional or verbal phrase. If it is a verbal phrase, identify it as a present participle, past participle, or infinitive. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Example:   The crowd clapped for the actor portraying King Lear.
Answer:  adjectival,  verbal phrase,  present participle

1.   Maintaining a calm presence, Beulah explained the child's behavior to the parents.

2.   Children are studying grammar in school.

3.   They identified the person who won the lottery yesterday.

4.   After the play was over,the audience stood and cheered for the actors.

5.   Will you have a chance to do that work this weekend?

6.   Finding no one at the information booth. the tourists tried to find the theater by themselves.

7.   No one was sure about the correct path to the lake.

8.   Cheese that is aged naturally usually tastes quite good.

9.   The arresting officer read the suspect his rights.

10.   On the bottom of the pile of papers sat the document we needed.

11.   Harry takes the bus to get downtown.

12.   Don't touch the LED screen with your dirty hands.

13.   The officials strongly resisted all demands to open the files to the inspectors.

14.   There is very little to do while Hester is away visiting her mother.

15.   Our visitors, who arrived this morning, came all the way from North Dakota.

16.   After dinner the guests retired to the library for a cup of tea.

17.   Your attempts to convince me have failed miserably.

18.   Tom finally accepted his stinging defeat at the hands of the new young tennis star.

19.   Your new hat, which looks very nice on you, must have cost a lot of money.

20.   The study is based on top-secret documents recently declassified by the government.



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