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Distinguishing between Adverbials and Adjectivals
Directions:  Each sentence contains an underlined item. In the box below each sentence, identify the item as an adjectival or adverbial. Then identify it as clause or phrase. If it is a phrase, identify it as a prepositional or verbal phrase. If it is a verbal phrase, identify it as a present participle, past participle, or infinitive. When you are finished, click the "Check My Work" button at the bottom of the page to check your answers.

Example:   The crowd clapped for the actor portraying King Lear.
Answer:  adjectival,  verbal phrase,  present participle

1.  To take that chance, you must be very sure of yourself.

2.   If I move my head, I feel dizzy.

3.  The squad car pulled up to the place where the crowd had gathered.

4.  I met a woman in Boston whose husband knows four languages.

5.  Disappointed, Tom left the room.

6.  Everyone welcomed the visitors, whose arrival they had long anticipated.

7.   I found the perfect present to give my mother.

8.  The federal government has recently reduced grant money for research.

9.  The story contains chilling details of the crime.

10.  The conductor stepped to the podium.

11.  We finally found the reference in a poem written by William Blake.

12.  Marianne was in a very good mood.

13.  Achilles skulked in his tent, ignoring all entreaties for help.

14.   As Mel drove to the new house,he wondered what he would find there.

15.  My uncle finally found the letter that the IRS had sent him.

16.  A truck pulled by two wreckers moved slowly forward.

17.  Bill went to the store to buy a newspaper.

18.   Recognizing the value of a formal education, Henry entered college last fall.

19.  Garrick's parents live in a town populated mainly by Russians.

20.   Levin was bothered by the pigeons.



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