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Accept / Except - Exercise 2

Direction: Choose the correct word in each sentence below. When you have finished, click on the "Check My Work" button to view the answers.

1. My paper has finally been (   ) for publication in the journal.

2. The shoppers bought all of my quilts (   ) the most expensive one.

3. We will open our summer house to everyone (   ) Mr. Smith.

4. Will you (   ) a credit card for payment?

5. All of my brothers (   ) Bill have agreed to split the money evenly.

6. Ms. Berry has said that no more applications can be (   ) after next week.

7. Please (   ) my apology for my bad behavior yesterday.

8. She found all of the applications (   ) mine valid.

9. Joseph (   ) the blame for the accident.

10. Unfortunately, people often do not (   ) the responsibilities they have agreed to shoulder.


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