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Sentence Parallel Structure - Exercise 3

Directions: Each sentence below contains faulty parallelism with coordinate conjunctions. Revise each sentence so that the elements joined by the coordinate conjunction are parallel to one another.
Write your answers in the space provided under each item. When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

1. It is harder to tie a slip knot than tying a square knot.

2. We enjoyed water skiing much more than when we swam in the lake.

3. Driving will get you there more quickly than to walk.

4. A big car is not necessarily better than one that is small.

5. Hearing her sing in person was ten times better than if you heard her on the radio.

6. He felt that being a good listener was just as important as to talk well.

7. Her excuses bothered me more than she was absent.

8. It is better to learn the material slowly than cramming on the night before the test.

9. What you actually do is a better indication of your true motives than your words.

10. One is more likely to slip on a banana peel than when an orange peel is on the floor.



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