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Pronoun - Antecedent Agreement - Exercise 4

Directions:When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

Part I
Directions: Each sentence below uses an indefinite pronoun as an antecedent. The indefinite pronoun may be singular or plural. Choose the correct referent pronoun for each antecedent, following the guidelines covered in Section 4.5. Write the correct antecedent and its referent in the space provided under each item.

1. A few of the researchers felt that (he or she, they) had discovered a marketable antiviral medicine to cure the common cold.

2. Neither of the managers planned to keep (his or her, their) inventory lean.

3. Most of the executives expect modest gains for (his or her, their) firms.

4. Some of the income will find (its, their) way into the accounts of other companies.

5. None of the organic farmers felt that an increase in consumer interest would threaten (his or her, their) profitability.

Part II:
Directions: Each sentence below contains an underlined antecedent and a referent pronoun for it. Locate the referent pronoun and write it in the space provided. Then decide whether or not the referent pronoun is correct. If the referent pronoun is NOT correct, write the correct one in the space provided.

1. Few of today’s teenagers are loyal to one brand of clothing even though he or she may prefer one brand to another.

2. Only one of the managers who gathered at the Ocean City convention expects to pay their expenses.

3. All of this new market stability owes its strength to a few courageous investors.

4. Anyone can make a good impression on their prospective employer.

5. Many of the firms have asked their executives to recruit at local colleges.



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