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Pronoun - Antecedent Agreement - Exercise 3

Directions: Write the correct referent pronoun to agree with the personal pronoun antecedent in each sentence below. Write your answers below in the space provided. When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

1. He did __________ laundry.

2. She sold ___________ car yesterday after putting 120, 000 miles on it.

3. I could not locate ___________ package in the terminal.

4. They received an award for ____________ outstanding performance on stage.

5. Later on we will call ____________ parents to tell them the news.

6. On Friday I deposited ____________ check into the bank.

7. Why can’t he find _____________ socks?

8. Will I be able to use _____________ credit card here?

9. The assignment required that they write only about ___________ own personal experience.

10. The instructor said that if you write _____________ paper, you are guaranteed at least a “C” for the course.



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