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Pronoun Case - Exercise 3

Directions:Choose the correct pronoun for each sentence below. Then, in the text box below each sentence, write the objective function of the pronoun you chose:

indirect object
pronoun used with noun indirect object
reflexive / intensive pronoun

When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

1. The mayor gave (   ) the keys to the city.

2. The math instructor handed (   ) a text about computation.

3. Alice told Tom and (     ) a joke.

4. We will give the supervisor and (   ) a turn.

5. Guides showed (     ) tourists around the park.

6. I gave (     ) my notes.

7. Although difficult to see the back of her own head, Jean gave (     ) a permanent.

8. The instructor told (     ) students about the war.

9. Give Mary and (     ) the game score.

10. The women showed Mark and (     ) the road to the hotel.



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