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Pronoun Case - Exercise 2

Directions:Choose the correct pronoun for each sentence below. Then, in the text box below each sentence, write the objective function of the pronoun you chose:

direct object
pronoun used with noun object
reflexive / intensive pronoun

When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

1. Karen called you and (     ) for a meeting.

2. Suddenly Jack opened his eyes; he had caught (     ) asleep at the wheel.

3. How long did he date both Ann and (     )?

4. High taxes have stopped (     ) citizens from buying houses.

5. Obviously, Jerry will choose (     ) for the part.

6. Bad weather forced Charles and (     ) to postpone the trip.

7. You should let Jack and (     ) into the house.

8. We got together and decided that we like (     ).

9. Will you teach Joan and (     )?

10. The receptionist told (     ) to sit down.



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