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Major Comma Uses - Exercise 2

Directions:Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas as needed between all coordinate adjectives. If the adjectives in the sentence are not coordinate (apply tests), then do not add commas, but write "correct" in the text box. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers by clicking on the "Check My Work" button. Then, read and follow the instructions listed on the answer page.

1. We enjoyed the clean crisp smell of the mountain air.

2. Beth was a student whose intelligent conscientious mind earned her good grades.

3. Dr. Bean gave us a hard final examination.

4. She ate the sweet juicy apple with a vengeance.

5. The awkward shy teenager felt nervous about his first date.

6. When the team failed to score, the bored restless crowd began to shout.

7. Marianne’s light blue dress fluttered in the breeze.

8. The gentle kind giant helped Jack climb back down the vine.

9. We saw several large apples on the young tree.

10. Registration was improved this year by the addition of an efficient courteous staff.



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