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Major Comma Uses - Exercise 1

Directions: Rewrite the below sentences on the given line, placing commas where commas are needed. If a sentence needs no comma, write "correct" in the text box. When you have completed the exercise, check your answers by clicking on the "Check My Work" button. Then, read and follow the instructions listed on the answer page.

1. The English professor adjusted her glasses shuffled her notes and began her lecture.

2. A jogger ran down the alley and onto my lawn this morning.

3. She stepped around the grass across the sidewalk and onto the curb.

4. Neither rain sleet nor hail shall keep away the U.S. mail.

5. A glass of milk a cup of tea or a mug of coffee will be fine.

6. Planning the itinerary buying supplies and packing emergency items are all part of good camping preparation.

7. I’ll have pickles ketchup mustard and onions on this hot dog.

8. Her living room was cold dark damp and musty.

9. The poor child did not know how to walk or talk.

10. Who sent you why you came and what you intend to do are none of my concern.



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