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Comma Splices and Fused Sentences - Exercise 2

Directions:Combine each group of sentences below into a compound sentence, separating the independent clauses from one another with a semicolon.
Note: In some instances you will have more than two sentences in a group. In such cases, combine the information so that you still have only two independent clauses in your final compound sentence.
      A presidential candidate should be intelligent.

      A presidential candidate should be honest.

      Voters should scrutinize candidates carefully.

Compound sentence answer:
      A presidential candidate should be intelligent and honest; voters should scrutinize candidates carefully.

Write your answers in the space provided under each item. When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the Answer Key.

1. The President’s recommendation called for a tax increase.

Very few senators will vote for it.

2. The handwriting was almost illegible.

The spelling was very poor throughout the paper.

3. Most house plants prefer lots of sun.

They prefer plenty of water.

Other house plants like shade.

4. Pollution is ruining our water.

Soon we may have to ration the supply.

Soon we may have to invent new filtering methods.

5. September has its own unique character.

It is both a beginning and an end.



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