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Apostrophes - Exercise 2

Directions: Follow directions for creating possessive in each part of the exercise.
Write your answers in the space provided under each item. When you have completed the exercise, click on "Check My Answers" and check your answers with those on the answer key.

Part I

Directions: Look at the sample items given below.
phrase of ownership possessive form
the uniforms of the players the players’ uniforms
the decision of the unruly citizens the unruly citizens’ decision
the considered opinions of many doctors many doctors’ considered opinions

Following these examples, rewrite the below sentences on the given line.

1. the association of property owners

2. the debts of all nations

3. the guards of four prisons

4. the vocal objections of ten strikers

5. the deep green color of the leaves

6. the convention of American jugglers

7. the works of Elizabethan poets

8. the populations of the Middle Atlantic states

9. the worth of twenty dollars

10. the sleeplessness of insomniacs

Part II

Directions: Place apostrophes where needed in the following sentences. CAUTION: A sentence may need more than one apostrophe. If a sentence needs no apostrophes, leave it blank.

1. The two teenagers chief worry was that their parents would be angry.

2. I asked for forty cents worth of candy.

3. My brothers wives are friendly with one another.

4. Three presidents stood with their backs to the wind as their national anthems were played.

5. Australia, Great Britain, and New Zealand all stood behind their parliaments decision.

6. Some trees leaves fall to the ground once a year; the leaves of other trees do not.

7. You will find dolls accessories near the babies toy department of the store.

8. Customers complaints about poor sanitation conditions finally closed the delicatessen.

9. The editors of the newspapers all voted to increase their newspapers circulation.

10. Many students’ attitudes have changed from liberal to conservative recently.



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