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Eye on the Economy: An Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy in October 2020

Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy

• The most recent jobs report showed that between September and October, Maryland gained a total of 10,200 Total Nonfarm jobs.

• The official unemployment rate for Maryland increased for the second straight month to 7.8 percent.

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Justice Ginsburg

Justice Ginsburg's legacy on the economy

The work of Justice Ginsburg, during her time at the American Civil Liberties Union and the organization’s Women’s Rights Project, was pivotal in expanding economic opportunity for women and helped to cement her legacy as a trailblazer for gender equality.


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RESI in the News

The election is over. What will a Biden win mean for Maryland’s economy?
Technically Media, 11/09/2020

After one of the most polarizing and monumental election years yet, the projected winner has been named, and it looks like former Vice President Joe Biden will be taking over the presidency in January. With the race behind us, the nation can focus on more pressing and time-sensitive matters. “The time period between now and Jan. 20 is critical in terms of getting a stimulus package done,” says Dr. Daraius Irani, Chief Economist of the Regional Economic Studies Institute. Irani goes on to predict that if Trump’s election loss results in a prolonged period of inaction, the economy would suffer. A stimulus package is a step in the direction of healing the nation, but will not solve everything. Dr. Irani suggests that “the challenge of being able to have high-speed internet is going to be a critical factor as we recover from the pandemic.”

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