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Eye on the Economy: An Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy in April 2023

Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy
  • In April, Maryland gained a total of 8,000 jobs.
  • The state’s unemployment rate decreased to 2.5 percent.

Join RESI Chief Economist at B'more Bold

The Flave team at Avenue Kitchen & Bar

RESI Chief Economist Daraius Irani will share his 2023 Economic Outlook at B'more Bold, an event for entrepreneurs and business owners to engage, think, and build as attendees discuss today’s leading topics.


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Professor reveals some of the factors forcing people to leave Baltimore
Fox 45 News Baltimore, April 22, 2023

Baltimore City’s population continues to decline each year according to U.S. Census data, with the most recent data showing a 1.2% drop over the course of the year. RESI Chief Economist Daraius Irani discussed the reasons for this decline, including public safety and the quality of the public school system. For families with kids, the surrounding counties may offer a better environment for both safety and schools. While there are some affluent households moving into certain neighborhoods around the harbor and elsewhere, other sections of the city continue to experience a downward spiral in both population and opportunity.

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Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy

Big tech mass layoffs: Insights into automation and imitation

One of the hottest topics in the market is layoffs. Over 168,000 workers in U.S.-based tech companies have been laid off in 2023. Read RESI analysis to gain insights into what's causing these big tech mass layoffs.

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