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March 2018

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For years, the Regional Economic Studies Institute (RESI) at Towson University has provided monthly updates on Maryland's economy. RESI's Chief Economist, Dr. Daraius Irani, recently unveiled the newest tool to allow you to understand the economy of Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic Region: The Mid-Atlantic Regional Employment Workbook. The interactive dashboard allows you to see how the regional economy is changing for 29 different industries. Read on to see how the region's economy is changing and to use the dashboard to solve questions relating to your business.

RESI in the News

'Toys R Us Kids' Reminisce Amid Nationwide Store Closures
WBAL-TV 11 News, 03/15/2018

Toys R Us is closing all U.S. stores including 15 locations in Maryland, though the sale of some stores is possible. RESI's Chief Economist, Dr. Daraius Irani, stated, "From an iconic point of view, it is a big loss. From a pop culture point of view, many people remember the Toys R Us jingle." Dr. Irani also noted that the closings of the large retail spaces will add to vacancies within retail centers, which have had difficulty filling these locations in recent years.

How Would A Trade War with China Impact the Port of Baltimore?
WBAL-TV 11 News, 03/23/2018

Tariffs on imported steel and aluminum are expected to negatively affect the Port of Baltimore, which relies on China as their second-largest client. According to RESI's Chief Economist, Dr. Daraius Irani, "About $5.1 billion a year goes through the port (of Baltimore) from China, so any sort of change of that is going to have an adverse impact on the port's business." Regarding impacts to consumers Dr. Irani stated, "Firms will be able to pass on a large majority of that tariff on to consumers and, in some instances, they may not be able to pass on as much, but generally speaking we would expect to see some prices to go up because of the tariffs."

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