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Eye on the Economy: An Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy in May 2019

Interactive Look at Maryland and the Regional Economy

• The most recent jobs report showed that between April and May, Maryland lost 3,200 Total Private jobs while gaining 2,000 Government jobs, resulting in an overall loss of 1,200 Total Nonfarm positions.

• Within the private sector, Maryland’s largest loss of employment was in the Trade, Transportation, and Utilities sector, which lost 1,600 jobs. This was followed by the Mining, Logging, and Construction sector, which dropped by 1,400 jobs.

• The unemployment rate for Maryland was 3.8 percent in May, which was unchanged from April.

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Starting in August, RESI will host a series of roundtable discussions with passionate people (hopefully including you!) to examine pressing subjects such as education, transportation, or the role of community engagement. These discussions will identify major issues, potential solutions, and success stories from you or other organizations. After every session, RESI will publish a report, which we will work to put into the hands of the policymakers who can affect change. Interested in participating? Email Director of Research Michael Siers at msiers@towson.edu and share what topics you would interest you.

How to Avoid Common Survey Pitfalls

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So, you have to make a survey. It seems simple enough—come up with a questionnaire, slap on a few response options, and you’re good to go. Not so fast. Read this eight part-blog series and learn the best practices for creating effective surveys. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the remainder of this multi-part series on avoiding common survey pitfalls.

Part 1: Why many survey aren't very useful

While each survey project is different, there are some common characteristics that will help you to avoid common survey pitfalls. MORE

Part 2: When to use a survey

While certain research projects absolutely call for surveys, others do not. Here's a quick list that will help you learn when is the right time to implement a survey. MORE

Part 3: Designing the survey

So, you've confirmed you need to utilize a survey in your research project. This post will help you begin designing your survey project. MORE

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