Rooms with Digital Media HDMI marked as Yes can, in addition to standard media, display digital media from a Blu-ray player, laptop, phone, or tablet that has HDMI output. Some rooms have HDMI ports and you will need to bring your own cable. Others have cables available in the room. Check the room in advance.

Depending on your HDMI-capable device, you may also need a "dongle" that plugs into your device and converts the size and style to match the classroom cable or port format. Some laptops have Display Port output instead of HDMI; if so, adapters that convert it to HDMI are available. Again, check the room in advance.

If the room doesn't have Digital Media HDMI ("No"), you will still be able to attach portable devices, like laptops, using the older style VGA connector. Discuss your needs well in advance with our Classroom and Computer Lab Technologies team by calling 410-704-TECH (8324).