Rooms with Videoconferencing will be listed as Yes or with a particular type of appliance that allows videoconferencing, such as Polycom or Mondopad. These rooms typically have two permanent cameras installed: one facing the instructor, the other the class. Computer-based software such as WebEx and Skype for Business provide a rich set of applications to do videoconferencing, distance education, live streaming, and basic capture/recording. Mondopad flat panels have built-in speakers, mics, and cameras to support videoconferencing as well.

If the room doesn't have built-in videoconferencing, it will be shown as None. However, you may still be able to setup a portable camera, webcam, or plug in a laptop or phone with a camera. Discuss your needs well in advance with our Classroom and Computer Lab Technologies team by calling 410-704-TECH (8324).